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Here you will find a little of my family history. The discoveries and failures. To know who I am I must know about those that came before me. The hardships they faced and the choices they made led to me.

I've been researching my family since 1999. On the ancestors page I have shared the surnames of my direct ancestors. If you find a connection I'd love to know about it. I am also researching the family history of my husband, Barry, and you will find his ancestor surnames on the "ancestors 2" page.

I was raised in Columbus, Georgia and have lived in many places, but my heart belongs to the south... my piney woods. I now call the prairie winds of South Central Kansas home. I married a midwestern guy and embrace his roots as much as my own. My research centers around Southeast Alabama, Southwest Georgia and the Florida panhandle.

I dedicate this work to the loving memory of my sisters, Denise, Judine, Joycine & Teresa, my precious mama, Sara, the ancestors I've come to know and those waiting to be found.

Gale Stafford-Wall
July 2011