Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New purpose

I have been on a journey that I did not choose. After a year and half of constant long distance travel, I have moved my Daddy to a nursing home where I live. He isn't happy but I must refuse to feel guilty and reassured that he is cared for. With this decision came many tasks...some not yet complete.

While cleaning out his home and workshop I came across this old metal tool box tray. Easily I could have cast it aside but something said "keep me". Upon returning home I quickly found its new purpose as a feeder in my garden. If you know me...you know how I love my gardens and feeding the birds that visit my yard.

I have placed it on a bench across the yard. When I look over at it I am reminded of the many tools Daddy owned that allowed him to do his work. He took great pride in his work and this small piece is a tangible link to that time long past.

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