Sunday, December 28, 2014

Back to Normal

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My research has sat dormant for more than 5 years while I waited for things to get "back to normal". I've since realized that isn't possible. With each life event "normal" takes on a new look. I've decided that I need to schedule time for my blogging and genealogy research.

With this plan in mind for 2015, feeling as if I was starting over since I've been out of touch far too long, I was (secretly) happy that so many others felt somewhat the same as we all jumped on board with Thomas for the big Genealogy Do-Over starting next week.

It is still overwhelming when I think about it as a whole... so, I won't.

I hope you'll stop by in 2015.

research files
Paper files in our basement storm room

Find all the details here: Genealogy Do-Over

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