Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Treasures

When I decided to create this blog I was thinking of all the information and photographs I could share on my ancestors. After I posted about the tomato gravy and shared photos of the few dishes I have that belonged to my Aunt Gypsie I thought of the other treasures I have of loved ones.

Some are sprinkled throughout my home while others are tucked away in drawers and a cedar chest. I am comforted by the thought of my family here with me every day.

This also reminded me of a program I gave for my genealogical society called "Creative Ways to Display Your Family History." I will try to dig that up and share with you.

What treasures do you have on display?


  1. Have you seen:

    Welcome to the Geneabloggers family. Hope you find the association fruitful; I sure do. I have found it most stimulating, especially some of the Daily Themes.

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Dr. Bill ;-)
    Author of "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories" and family sagas
    and "Back to the Homeplace" and "The Homeplace Revisited"

  2. Gale, I love the title of your blog. Nice to see you here, as well as your cemetery blog.

  3. we have a quilt block taken from a quilt my husbands ancestor made framed and hanging in our home. The other blocks went to other descendants so we all have a piece of our family history.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  4. Hi Gale and welcome to! I'm a newbie to the community and I can say with certainty that you will enjoy all that this EXCELLENT community has to offer (if you haven't explored the site fully already). I love the way you have your family treasures on display in your photo. I don't have a lot of family heirlooms, but you have inspired me to pull them out and think of creative ways to display them as well. Again, welcome!


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