Monday, July 11, 2011

Is it true?

One of my favorite records to research is the census. They are little time capsules. One of the lessons I learned early on is that you have to prove what you find. Sometimes even in a record.

An example is this 1900 Federal census taken in Dale County, Alabama. While it shows my Great Great grandparents, Wilburn and Mollie Snell, as being married 9 years, which is true, I can tell you those are not her 8 children. I would not know this until I had also documented Wilburn's first marriage. In fact, only the last 4 are from this marriage to my ancestor, Mollie.

And there is my Great grandfather, Jamie Wesley, as a 6 year old. I barely remember him, mostly his funeral, when I was a small child. I always thought of him as old, but there he is, a child himself.


  1. I have always been told my great grandmother was Cherokee Indian. Then I went digging at Ancestry and found out that she wasn't Indian but she lived in Indian territory. Funny how some things change when you start looking into your family tree.

  2. I have a small group of Snell's that married into my Davis family in Kansas, starting with George C Snell

    Maybe they are relatives of yours?


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