Thursday, August 4, 2011

Funeral Card Friday

When my little sister, Teresa, died in 2007 it was winter. Since she was cremated our family decided to wait until the spring to bury her and hold a memorial service.

During that time I knew the boiler plate memorials from a funeral home were not what we wanted to use.

I designed this version. Immediate family received a color copy and others a black and white copy. It is 8 1/2 x 11, printed on both sides and folded in half with half sheets for the insert. I created it in Microsoft Publisher but you could do the same with other software options.

With this we were able to share more about her than the traditional memorial card would offer.

Includes her drawings and signature
Inside: Notice the T
Includes many family photos we liked to make fun of.
Mama - did you really think our hair looked pretty like that?

Insert page
With family information

Printed copy

 My world, as I had known it, cracked that day. In 2008 my older sister, Denise, died. Three months later my precious Mama would also leave me.

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