Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Jar of Forks

To you this is just a jar of mis-matched forks. To me it is a walk down memory lane. I don't really remember if Mama had a set of matching flatware when I was growing up. I do know that in the drawer of mixed flatware was MY fork. While I can no longer recall the pattern or much else about it I do remember that I would only eat with a particular fork. I guess I got over that somewhere along the way.

When Mama passed away in 2009 I was faced with the task of emptying her home. In the kitchen she had a drawer of mixed flatware. As I sorted everything to be devided among her grandchildren I couldn't help but keep a few for myself. It was a memory I wanted to keep.

Funny how something as ordinary as a fork could awaken long forgotten memories.

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