Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great research resource

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Family Tree Magazine DVD 2000-2009

Our genealogical society board met recently to plan our 2012 monthly programs. Instead of pulling out back-issues, of which I only have half, I opened my laptop and searched by keyword for topic ideas. Now, we don't violate copyright by copying the article, but rather use it to create our own program content. Sometimes the topic is the hardest thing to come up with. Many articles include other / online resources that we can share with our members or use in our planning.

The DVD covers 2000 - 2009. I have the 2010 DVD on my birthday list, even though I have the paper issues. I downloaded the issues on my iPad using Dropbox. I love having access at my fingertips.

I got mine at a great price but you can get it for a better price:

accessed 10/26
Disclosure: I have not received any compensation or products based on my sharing this. I just love Family Tree Magazine.

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