Friday, October 28, 2011

The other half

In 2008 I wanted to learn to quilt. The first thing I did was buy some fabric and learn to cut using a rotary cutter. I ended up with a lot of squares that I sewed together - see below.

This was bigger than I desired so I cut it in half and made 2 lap size quilts. I knew I would give one to my older sister, Denise and keep the matching one. 

The day I took them to be quilted, [I only did the top piecing], we found out she had cancer. Sadly, she would leave us six months later. We spent those 6 months talking and reliving a lifetime.

I mailed her quilt to her once I had the binding finished. She kept it near.

What I did not know was that she had made a wish known and that was for the quilt to be buried with her. She entered eternal slumber covered with my love. I miss you, Denise.

Soon it will be 3 years since she said goodbye. The pain never dulls. The void never fills. I've just learned to live around it.

The other half? It's here. I plan to pass it down with memories I shared with Denise.

When I get sad I look at this photo. Left to right: Teresa, Denise & me. What was Mama thinking when she fixed our hair? 

Teresa, Denise and Mama are gone. I never imagined growing old alone. It's up to me to to pass on what I can for our family.

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